E-SPHERES, the great all-rounder...



How can I use E-SPHERES®?

E-SPHERES can improve the properties and performance of many formulated products.


Key Benefits

Typical Applications

Paints, Coatings and Plasters

colour, reduces cost, reduces weight, improves rheology, reduces sag/shrinkage, improves thermal insulation and impact resistance, chemically inert and non-absorbent

high-build, thermal insulation, chemical and slip-resistant coatings, roof coatings, plasters/renders, auto under-body and sound dampening


high melting point(1600 DegC ), high compressive strength, non-flammable, thermal insulation

insulating bricks
lightweight castables
foundry products


lower weight, increases stiffness, greater thermal insulation, improves impact resistance, saves raw material costs, chemically inert and non-absorbent

casting, spray-up, hand lay-up, cold/hot press moulding, resin transfer moulding, syntactic foam

Cementitious Products

reduces weight, slump/shrinkage control, increases thermal insulation, improves flow and pumpability

mortars, glass reinforced cement, hydraulic concrete, lightweight panels and mouldings, polymer concrete

Caulks, sealants, putties and adhesives

reduces weight, shrinkage and cracking, improves flow and workability, colour, cost reduction, better nail/screw grip

crack/joint filling, tile adhesives, automotive/marine bodyfillers

A world of possibilities

It is easy to see that E-SPHERES® are an incredibly versatile additive. What makes them unique is that they also add value to your product. E-SPHERES give you a competitive advantage.

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