E-SPHERES, more than just a filler...



What makes E-SPHERES so special?

E-SPHERES represent the highest standard in microsphere quality and performance

Extreme heat resistance

With a melting point between 1600 and 1800 Degrees Celsius,
E-SPHERES can operate at the highest service temperatures. This extreme temperature resilience is achieved through unique refractory properties.

High compressive strength

E-SPHERES have unusually high compressive strength and can handle pressures of up to 10,000 psi with minimal rates of breakage. This phenomenal strength extends their versatility by providing increased breakage resistance during mixing, processing and application.

Pure, clean, white

E-SPHERES' white color consistency always gives you the results you expect, as well as delivering lower tint costs.

In addition to these unique features, E-SPHERES provide all the benefits you would expect from a microsphere.



Cross section of E-Spheres in a metallic syntactic foam.  [Picture courtesy of Imre N. Orbulov, Janos Dobranszky, Arpad Nemeth: Microstructural characterisation of syntactic foams 44 (2009) 4113-4019 - Budapest University of Technology & Economics]


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